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-Foxes as Exotic Pets (Fennec Foxes, Red Foxes, Grey Foxes, etc.)-Hedgehogs at Pet Store-Invertebrates as Exotic Pets (Scorpions, Tarantulas, Leaf Insects, Stick Bugs, Millipedes, Centipedes, etc.) I would love to have more Ribbons related to pets, such as ‘Animal Hero’ if you adopt a certain amount of them? BitLife continues to grow in size and in scope, and more and more additions to your life keep getting added to the game. The latest thing to get added is the ability to own pets. This ranges all the way from dogs, cats, and rabbits, to horses, and even the exotic like gorillas, zebras, and even unicorns!

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BitLife offers you the chance to go to all kinds of colleges and universities. You can get anything from undergraduate, graduate, business, medical, dental, law degrees, and more, but first, you actually have to get into the school, which is the toughest part.

Bitlife exotic pets list. Pets who are old, with low health, and multiple diseases can also be euthanized if the vet determines they are in too much pain. Pets may heal from these diseases and conditions on their own if it says that the pet is acting normal again or has more energy. List of Symptoms in BitLife . Note: Some Symptom names are diffrent in wiki than in-game Our BitLife Ribbons List Guide will walk you through the process of obtaining all of the ribbons in the game! There are now 40 ribbons you can get with a more recent update, and we'll explain how you get each one of these! Ribbons are handed out when you complete a full life in BitLife. The exotic pet dealer costs big bucks, but they can also get you some of the crazier, more exotic, Mike Tyson-esque pets. You can go here to get tigers, lions, gorillas, giraffes, and more. The Exotic Pet Dealer only has one different kind of animal per year, so if you don’t like what’s in the store at the time, age a year and then go back.

What you usually ask in that place is about how to get pets, you can have all kinds of truth, from a cat to a horse! and many people wonder how to get a horse here. The horse as a pet in BitLife Well, the truth is that How to get a horse can be a bit complicated in the game and the reason for this is that you can only get a horse at BitLife if. Exotic pets have exotic price tags, you don’t want to lose your job trying to support a family and a tiger. Anything else new? The 1.13 update included quite a few new additions to the BitLife. BitLife: Life Simulator, or simply called BitLife, (known as BitLifeApp on social media) is a text-based simulator video game originally made for iOS by developer Candywriter. The game utilizes a text-based format to try and create a somewhat accurate simulator while still having a strong level of playability.

An in-app purchase removes ads, and there's also an option to pay to become a "Bitizen" which lets you do things like hire hitmen, get exotic pets, and interact with your virtual boss or teacher. If users tap on "Bitlife Community," they're taken to links like a related YouTube channel, a forum on Reddit, and a TikTok account. By African Pygmy hedgehog, this list is referring to the domesticated hedgehog commonly bred and sold as pets, not a specific breed of hedgehog from Africa. Other legal issues: Australia: All hedgehogs are classified as exotic pets that are illegal to import. In Quebec, European hedgehogs are illegal. BitLife – Life Simulator is one of the better and more complex text-based life sims out there. And with so many things to consider and so much randomness (just like in real life), we’re here to help you make the most out of your virtual one by sharing a bunch of BitLife cheats and tips in our complete guide.. The thing is that pretty much everything is random in the game and you can rarely.

o Also, the ability for your pets run away from home and we can have the option to contact the animal shelter or put up "Lost pet" posters to have a chance of finding them. o Another idea is the ability to re-home your pets with a grown child of your character or a sibling/grandchild/etc. o I’ve had stray animals I’ve rescued. o Treats. Thanks to the most recent update from Candywriter, owning pets in BitLife is now possible, allowing players to adopt and raise their own pets. This BitLife guide will try to provide you with a comprehensive list of the newly added pets, as well as useful information on what they do and how you can get them. A brand new, major update has been launched for BitLife – Life Simulator. We now have pets in the game (and a ton of them as well). And as always, we’re here to share with you everything you need to know about them in our complete guide to Pets in BitLife.

A recent update has seen the addition of a whole new world of fun to be had in BitLife. We can now adopt and raise our very own pets! This may not sound like a big deal to some of you (mainly. The recent version 1.34 update for BitLife has added a range of new Ribbons for you to work towards and gain with your new BitLives. This update has 10 new ribbons with varying difficulties. Ribbons in Bitlife are awarded to your bitizens when they expire and decorate those lives lived to specific tunes and recognising a particular level of attainment for each one. Simply visit the new ‘Pets’ tab to grab yourself a new furry or slithery animal in BitLife. Once there, you’ll notice that there are a few different options. You can visit the Animal Shelter to rescue a poor little pup in need, visit a breeder to get yourself a pure breed, or go to the pet store to purchase a more exotic animal.

We offer over 20,000 unique pet names. You can browse by origin, gender, breed. We even have celebrity pet names, popular pet names, cute pet names and more. Start looking for the perfect name for your pet today. When you find ones that you want to save to view later, you can add it to your very own favorites list. Enjoy! To achieve this, you’ll need to go to the Activities tab of the game, choose Pets, then Exotic Pet Dealer. BitLife Until your character is an adult, the Exotic Pet Dealer option won’t be. Read Exotic Pets from the story BitLife 1 ️ by voidcrimsonsky (Crimson Sky) with 75 reads. humor, funny, demilovato. I ended up getting carried away and bough…

Basically, what you want to become here is the BitLife universe’s equivalent of Joe Exotic, though the mullet (and everything else about Mr. Exotic aside from his animals) is definitely optional. And you don’t need to limit yourself to wild cats either, as the goal here is to own as many exotic pets as possible during your lifetime.

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